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Why Accountants Should Play by the Rules

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October 13, 2011


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Why Accountants Should Play by the Rules

Tax expert, Michael Rozbruch of popular website, Tax Resolution University, today posted on his blog regarding the importance of playing by the rules for individuals and companies involved in the tax resolution business.  With some companies using less than ethical tactics, which has lead to the entire industry coming in for some criticism, he urges potential clients to do their research before employing companies for such purposes, suggesting that they check with the Better Business Bureau and also by making Google searches to see what they uncover about such companies.

‘Information wants to be free’ was first quoted by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple at a Hacker’s Conference way back in 1984.  Since then it has come to be a slogan that has been applied to the Internet by many people because it’s very hard to keep secrets in the Information Age when news can spread around the world in a matter of minutes due to new technology such as Twitter.  And once information has been released onto the Web, it’s impossible to remove it.

As a result, as Michael Rozbruch says in his blog posting, in the age of the internet, it really pays to play by the rules.  Before you take any action, ask yourself whether you would take it if you knew that the world was going to know all about it somewhere down the line.  Because, with the power of the internet at everyone’s disposal today, there’s a good chance that one day the world will know.

You can read Michael Rozbruch’s blog posting here.


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