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Located 300m north of Grande Caribbean on Thappraya Road is another development which doesn’t fit precisely into any of my nice, neat categories is Treetops, which was released in November 2012.  As is the case with Grande Caribbean, the location of Treetops on the main road means that it is very quick and easy to get into Central Pattaya from here – just 10 minutes and 10 Baht on a Baht Bus.

Treetops is a tower development.  If it was a person, it would be Tom Cruise – short but very handsome.  At just 12-floors, it is the shortest tower currently on sale in Pattaya but, with a sleek white design featuring clean lines and large windows, I think it is one of the best-looking, thanks to the work of architect, Stephen O’Dell.  Why twelve floors and not the usual eight?  This is so that the development can be guaranteed of offering some excellent sea views over the southern slope of Pratumnak Hill from the rooftop terrace and some of the units on the upper floors of the building.

The name Treetops comes from the development’s highly green credentials.  The roof terrace promises to be an oasis of greenery in addition to offering the usual pool and fitness centre.  The development is also surrounded by more greenery on three sides as the area which it is being built in is currently heavily wooded and will remain that way after the building has been constructed.

There are two types of apartment available at Treetops – 24m2 studios and 34.5m2 one-bedroom apartments which, as usual, can be combined to form two-bedroom units.  All apartments at Treetops are supplied on a fully furnished basis.

With a starting price of THB 1.3 million, the studios are exceptionally good value, especially when you consider that this is for a unit on the fourth floor already.  Even the most expensive studio on the penthouse level offering some excellent sea views is reasonably priced at a shade under THB 2 million.  If you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment though, Treetops is not such a great deal.  Due to the fact that The Cruz at Grande Caribbean is a mere 300m away and offers identically sized and furnished apartments to those at Treetops, it is very easy to make direct comparisons between the two projects.  A 12th floor sea view apartment at Treetops will set you back THB 3.1 million whereas at Grande Caribbean it would only cost you THB 2.88 million.  That’s a significant difference, especially when you take the much greater array of facilities that Grande Caribbean has to offer into account.

In fact, the huge difference in the amount of facilities offered at Treetops compared to Grande Caribbean highlights one of this development’s main shortcomings.  There are 252 apartments at Treetops, the occupants of which will need to share a fairly small pool and sundeck on the roof because there are no facilities at ground level.  Assume just two occupants per apartment and it would only need a very small percentage of them to want to use the pool at the same time for it to get very crowded up there.

I think that the developers have missed a trick here because Treetops is actually built on a fairly large plot – the condo building only occupies around 20% of the ground space.  A larger proportion of the space is occupied by a row of shophouses and townhouses together with the road needed to get to them.  Personally, I think that the developers would have been better off dispensing with the row of townhouses and using the space for a large second pool instead which would avoid any dangers of over-crowding.

In summary, if you are in the market for a studio that’s not too far from Central Pattaya, Treetops is a good option.  For larger one or two-bedroom apartments, however, you will get much better value for money at the Grande Caribbean just down the road instead.

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