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Sky – Jomtien

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January 25, 2013


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Sky – Jomtien

Located 750m south-east of AD The Grand, some 850m from the sea, is the newest tower in Jomtien to be released, called Sky, which was launched at the start of 2013.

Sky is 30-storey tower with a unique look to it thanks to an organic-metallic looking façade which covers both the base of the tower (hiding the parking spaces) and also provides a feature at the top of the building.  Once it is complete, the residents of Jomtien could very well imagine that an alien spacecraft has crash-landed in their midst!

Sky also has some fairly unique features under its skin as well.  Although Sky launched with a handful of studios on offer, these were all snapped up in a matter of days and so there are none remaining.  This leaves the tower comprising mostly one-bedroom apartments with several two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments added to the mix as well.

In all cases, the apartments are fairly huge by 2013 standards.  The one-bedroom apartments come in a variety of different layouts, but all are in the 42-45m2 size range.  The two and three-bedroom apartments range up to 96m2.

Although Sky is pretty far back from the sea – too far to walk, realistically – Sky is an upmarket development which offers such excellent facilities that residents are probably not going to feel the need to leave it too often.  One of the highlights of the development is the infinity pool located on the 20th floor of the building, which will offer some excellent views over Jomtien to the sea beyond.  There will also be the obligatory fitness centre and, uniquely, the development will also have its own cinema.

One-bedroom apartments at Sky start from THB 2.3 million, increasing to THB 4.6 million for one on the top floor.  These prices are for fully-furnished apartments.

So how do these prices compare to the other tower options in Jomtien?  The answer is – not too badly at all.  Although Sky can’t compare with AD The Grand in terms of value, it does give Dusit Grand Condo a good run for its money.  Although the starting prices at Sky are higher, you get a lot more space for your money on Sky due to the significantly larger sizes of the apartments.  Dusit Grand Condo certainly has the advantage of being a lot closer to the beach, but Sky probably has the edge in terms of facilities with its pool on the 20th floor.  You really need to compare the pros and cons of each one carefully to decide which is the best option for you.

If you are in a hurry to move into your apartment, however, Sky is probably not going to be the ideal choice.  With a delivery date of autumn 2016, Sky will be the last project that I feature in this book to be completed and so you have a long wait ahead of you before you will be enjoying the glorious views from that infinity pool.

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