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Pattaya Property Guide Released for E-readers

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July 27, 2012


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Pattaya Property Guide Released for E-readers

Owners of e-readers such as the Kindle, Nook or iPad are now able to get early access to Pattaya Property and Thailand’s Real Estate by Nick Pendrell as the title has now been released for all major formats ahead of its paperback release, which will be published on 1 August 2012.

Getting early access to the book is just one of many advantages that owners of e-readers have over less technologically advanced readers.  Not only can they be reading the book a couple of minutes after ordering it rather than waiting for the postman to deliver, but the book is only going to cost them half the price.

An even bigger advantage though is the fact that the ebook edition of the book takes full advantage of the capabilities of today’s e-readers to enhance the reading experience – with the ebook version, not only can you read about each of the 40+ developments covered in the book, but you can also see them as the book includes an image for each of them.  If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then the ebook version would be nearly double the size of the paperback version!  There is also a handy map showing where the seven different regions of Pattaya that are covered are located for anyone who is struggling to see the difference on a map.

Click here for full information on Pattaya Property and Thailand’s Real Estate

Ready to buy your copy already?  Here are the links to where you can purchase the Kindle versions:

Buy Kindle Version at Amazon US | Buy Kindle Version at Amazon UK

If you own any other type of e-reader, you can buy the book on a format that you can read from Smashwords here:

Buy Other Ebook Formats at Smashwords

Prefer to buy from a different retailer of ebooks such as iTunes, Sony eBookstore or B&N?  In that case you will need to wait a few more days or weeks – they will be featuring the book soon, but they take a little longer to add books to their catalogues.

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