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Nimble CRM Does More Now

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December 28, 2011


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Nimble CRM Does More Now

Readers of Internet Marketing Bible for Accountants will know that I was very impressed with Nimble and recommended it highly to accountants and any other professionals.  In short, Nimble is a very sophisticated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program which allows users to combine information on contacts taken from all of the major social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  So whenever you want to check up on an individual lead or client, you have all of the necessary information about them right in front of you without having to go through three different profiles on three different sites.

I mentioned in the book that Nimble was very new and I expected to see quite a few changes to the service happening in the not too distant future.  My prediction proved to be true as, even before the ink is even dry on the book, changes to Nimble are coming through thick and fast.

In the book, I stated that the service was completely free, but that it might not always be the case.  I hoped that it would only be larger clients requiring more functionality that would be the ones who needed to pay.  This is exactly what is happening from January; single users will still get to use the service for free while larger companies will need to pay for each additional person using the service.  At just $15 per additional user, it’s still a lot cheaper than other comparable services though.

It’s not all bad news though – Nimble are continuing to offer additional features to all its users (including single users for whom the service is still going to be completely free).  Already introduced is a new integration  with MailChimp, my favorite mailing list service (because it’s free to small users), which I describe in great detail.  In the book, I described how to save your Nimble contacts as a CSV file which you would then need to upload to MailChimp.  Not any more though – now you can import all your Nimble contacts to MailChimp in just a few clicks – saving you time (and maybe some frustration as well if you are not so technically minded).

But there’s even better news than that.

One of the main reasons why I wrote that you would probably need to run Nimble in tandem with one of the social dashboards such as Seesmic, TweetDeck or HootSuite is that there was no integration between Nimble and your Facebook Business Pages.  But this is all going to be changing very shortly as Nimble is already testing out the feature with some of their users and will roll the service out to all of them before the winter is through.

The final big improvement to Nimble coming over the next couple of months is integration with Google+, the new kid on the block on the social media scene.  Nimble really are ahead of the curve in integrating Google+ so early in the game.  Of the three giants on the social media dashboard scene that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, only HootSuite provides Google+ integration at the moment and so Nimble are definitely on the ball here.  In the book, I wasn’t convinced that it was worthwhile setting up a Google+ account if it meant you had to log into the account separately from all your other social media accounts.  When Nimble will allow you to post to Google+ at the same time you post to your other social media streams, that negative will be gone and so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add Google+ to your social networking efforts as well.

One of the few features still lacking from Nimble is its inability to schedule updates at future times.  If this feature is not essential to you though, once Nimble’s newly announced features are available to all users, it could very well be time for you to consider ditching your old social media dashboard and using just Nimble because of the stronger CRM elements that are at is core.

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